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Resume Adrian Offerman


Adrian Offerman has a M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Delft University of Technology, where he specialized in Computer Architecture and Digital Technique. His thesis project resulted in three international scientific publications. These are currently cited in various research papers and patents.

Furthermore, in 2010 he completed a M.Sc. degree in Psychology from Leiden University, where he specialized in cognitive psychology and clinical psychology.

Currently, he follows online courses in all sorts of topics.

Consultancy & Engineering

After completing his study in Delft, he started working as an independent consultant and engineer, advising on technology, business, and markets. He worked for cryptography company DigiCash, a spin-off of the Dutch research institute Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI). He advised the Nederlandsch Octrooibureau in a patent infringement case. And he participated as CTO in startups Depot2 and RecruitmentNet. Among others.

Furthermore, he worked as a Linux system manager, network manager, webmaster, software developer and architect, and technology advisor. He also had a web hosting company for almost ten years, specializing in more complex, non-commodity services.

Currently, he works on projects involving internet and web technologies, building on Linux and Open Source Software. He is also involved in several technology communications projects on internet and networking technology, security, privacy, cryptography, Linux, and Open Source Software.

Specialist Journalism

He has also been working as an IT specialist journalist, technology writer, New Media and Open Source specialist, editor-in-chief, magazine maker, columnist, and portal/app developer in the Dutch and European IT market for over twenty years now, focusing on the intersection of technology, business and markets.
Currently he is a contributing editor for Automatisering Gids and, the largest IT publications in the Netherlands for professionals and consumers, respectively. He also works for the Joinup (formerly OSOR: Open Source Observatory and Repository), Open Government, and ePractice projects of the European Commission.

Formerly, he was a contributing editor for CIO,, IT-Executive, Computable, Digitaal Bestuur (Binnenlands Bestuur), Management Team, CRN, Supply Chain Magazine, Software Release Magazine, C-sharp, InfoWorld, NetworkWorld,, LAN Magazine, InfoSecurity, IT Service Magazine, IT Beheer Magazine, Computer! Totaal, Netwerk Computing,, Energiebeurs Bulletin, Energiegids, Living Media, Energy Magazine, and Noodzaak, among others.

Furthermore, he was the editor-in-chief of Chief Information Officer, Linux Magazine, Mnet, Windows & Netwerken, and Computer-Telefonie. As the editor-in-chief he succesfully launched CIO in the Dutch market, after former attempts of international publishing house IDG had failed.

Recently, he is involved in meta-journalism (journalism on journalism), working on business models for online and cross-media publishing, and on issues like quality and ethics in journalism, and pluriformity of the media.
Another recent focus area is data journalism, deploying computer tools to analyze and visualize public data (i.e. data accessable through the internet).

Building on his journalistic experience and his education as a psychologist, he often gives media training to scientists, professionals, and management teams.

Events Program Management

For the third year now, Adrian is the program manager for the future/science track of Emerce eDay. This annual conference offers a view of the near and far future of e-business, media and marketing, focussing on strategies, new concepts and technologies in presentations delivered by national and international speakers.