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Fedora Linux op een BTO 17CL48-GTX660 laptop

Hoewel er de afgelopen tien jaar veel verbeterd is, blijft Linux op een laptop altijd een gok. Heb je geluk, dan werkt alles naar behoren. Heb je pech, dan is Linux onbruikbaar omdat de kernel de power management nog niet/nauwelijks ondersteunt. De aanschaf van een 17CL48 laptop van BTO afgelopen voorjaar (inmiddels opgevolgd door de 17CL58) was een vergelijkbare gok in die zin dat de leverancier me niet kon vertellen of en hoe Linux op zijn systemen zou draaien. Fedora versie 18 installeerde en draaide gelukkig zonder grote problemen. Alleen de Optimus technologie en de WLAN adapter hadden speciale aandacht nodig.

Genkeys: generate, update, and prepublish ZSK and KSK key pairs for DNSSEC deployment

This bash script is a wrapper around the dnssec-keygen tool that comes with BIND named. It allows you to generate, update, and prepublish ZSK and KSK key pairs for DNSSEC deployment for all your existing zone files in a single run. The default values should work out-of-the-box on CentOS 6.

Printing LaTeX Beamer Sheets Using pgfpages, beamerposter, and pdfnup

Though the beamer package comes highly recommended for the creation of presentations in LaTeX, printing a sheet does not seem to work the way the manual suggests.

Getting X Server with nVidia Drivers to Work on Fedora 9

After upgrading from Fedora 8 to release 9, I was stuck with an X server that could not start. It appears that X version 1.5 (RC5) is supposed to go with as few configuration settings as possible. Obviously, auto-detecting doesn't get it right yet. It misconfigured my mouse, and failed to recognize my monitor. Furthermore, none of the installation scripts/programs was able to generate an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file that even allowed the X server to start. So I had to collect as many as possible settings and see which ones worked by trial and error.

MMBase Installation HOWTO

This document describes the installation of the MMBase content management system on a Red Hat Linux distribution, using the Tomcat application server, and integrating it with MySQL and Apache.

PostScript DSC Framework

This package contains a complete PostScript language DSC (Document Structuring Conventions) Version 3.0 framework for black and white documents (.ps), as well as for black and white pictures (.eps). The files can be used to put your own raw PostScript code into, to make them fully PostScript DSC 3.0 conforming. Easier is to write them directly using the files for multi-page documents and framew.eps for pictures.