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Gdansk opens public register of petitions

Author: Adrian Offerman

Last week, the Polish City of Gdansk launched a public register of petitions addressed to the mayor. Petitioners can demand a change in the law, a decision or another action in the interest of the petitioner, the community, or the common good. Of course, these requests should fall within the scope of the tasks and competences of the recipient of the petition.

The register is part of the new 'Law on petitions' that went into effect on 6 September. It will contain the content of each petition, the date of its submission, the name of the unit responsible, and the content of the response.

Template document

Petitions to the Mayor of Gdansk can be submitted by e-mail or on paper. They can be submitted on behalf of the general public, the person or organisation requesting the petition, or someone else — i.e. a neighbour or a friend — with his/her written consent. To help citizens with their petitions, a template document has been made available online.

Every petition will be published online within seven days of receipt of the petition by the Municipal Office. Information on the processing of the petition will be published within seven days of the reply to the submitter of the petition.

Each petition will be considered without delay, and the reply should take no longer than three months.

Requests for public information

The register is built on the same system that is already being used to publish requests for public information.