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Italian City of Ostuni asks citizens to help fight corruption

Author: Adrian Offerman

Francesco Fumarola, the Secretary General of the Italian City of Ostuni, has asked its citizens to come up with their own suggestions, proposals and indications of interest for the battle against corruption [in Italian]. Citizens, stakeholder organisations and collective consumer groups can download and fill out a form [in Italian] and return it to the city.

The input received in this way will become part of a 'Three-Year Plan for the Prevention of Corruption' and 'Annex Triennial Program for Transparency and Integrity'. The aim of the Three-Year Plan is to identify the areas at greatest risk of corruption, perform an over-all risk assessment, and identify measures to neutralize or reduce the risk. The aim of the Triennial Program is to ensure an adequate level of transparency and to develop an adequate culture of integrity and legality in the city.