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Call to share private sector partnerships on open governance

Author: Adrian Offerman

The Private Sector Council on Open Governance is calling for cases of corporate or business-oriented projects to promote better governance in countries and communities around the world. The Council aims to identify and share effective practices.

The Private Sector Council is looking for examples from any of the 66 participating countries of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). There is a special interest in private sector programs and partnerships that apply OGP's core values — transparency, accountability, citizen participation, technology and innovation — to address these social challenges:

  • improving public services, including health, education, criminal justice, water, electricity, and telecommunications;
  • increasing public integrity, addressing corruption and public ethics, access to information, campaign finance reform, and media and civil society freedom;
  • more effectively managing public resources, addressing budgets, procurement, natural resources, and foreign assistance;
  • creating safer communities, addressing public safety, the security sector, disaster and crisis response, and environmental threats;
  • increasing corporate accountability, addressing corporate responsibility on issues such as the environment, anti-corruption, consumer protection, and community engagement.

2015 OGP Global Summit

Examples can be submitted until August 31. They will help map and communicate private sector roles in governance partnerships and better align governance programming with existing private sector strengths.

The results will be presented at the 2015 OGP Global Summit in Mexico City, which will be held on October 27-29.

The Private Sector Council was established in 2013 to engage businesses and entrepreneurs in promoting open governance, economic growth, and local innovations. The Council forms a group external to the OGP and coordinates private sector participation in OGP.