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Open government in UK party manifestos, part I

Author: Adrian Offerman

The people from the UK Open Government Civil Society Network have scanned the party manifestos for policies relevant to open government. They recently published their findings. In this first part we list some items from the manifestos of the big three: the Conservative and Unionist Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. In the second part, the manifestos of four other parties are discussed.

Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Open Government Partnership:
    We will deliver better public services and more open government.
  • Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative:
    We will push for all countries to sign up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

The full findings can be read here.

Labour Party

  • Digital government:
    We will support making digital government more inclusive, transparent and accountable. We will continue to back the principle of 'open data by default', releasing public sector performance data wherever possible.
  • Lobbying and transparency:
    We will reform the legislative process to strengthen the public's voice and to better hold the government to account.
  • Constitutional reform:
    We will set up a people-led Constitutional Convention.
  • Accountability:
    We will establish local Public Accounts Committees, so that every pound spent by local bodies creates value for money for local taxpayers.

The full findings can be read here.

Liberal Democrats

  • Constitutional Convention:
    We will establish a UK Constitutional Convention, made up from representatives of the political parties, academia, civil society and members of the public.
  • "Everyday democracy":
    We will encourage mutuals, cooperatives, and employee participation and increase the opportunities for people to take democratic control over the services on which they rely. We will encourage citizens to engage in practical social action, seeing government as an enabler and facilitator rather than just a commissioner and provider of services.
  • Freedom of Information:
    We will extend Freedom of Information laws to cover private companies delivering public services, and end the Ministerial veto on release of information.

The full findings can be read here.