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Procurement information and election results added to Dutch open data portal

Author: Adrian Offerman

The Dutch central government is to publish its procurement information on the national open data portal next month. Later this year, election results per polling station will be added as well. These and other commitments related to open data were made by the Dutch Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk in a letter to the Dutch parliament last week.

The public procurement data that will be published next month covers the year 2014. It provides information on about 10 billion euro worth of transactions and tens of thousands of suppliers.

The election results will be made available in the open standard format EML (Election Markup Language).


Other commitments that were listed in the letter to the parliament include:

  • an inventory made this summer identified more than 500 new open datasets for publication on the open data portal; this list will be updated every six months;
  • a list of ten recommendations for publishing open data has been published;
  • central government has expressed the ambition to publish financial information for all departments within five years;
  • financial trainees have been and will continue actively searching for datasets in central government that can be made available to the public;
  • the Dutch open data portal was renewed this summer; it now hosts over 7,000 datasets;
  • several ministries are currently running pilots to actively publish research reports;
  • the feasibility of publishing the tax value assessment of all properties in the Netherlands as open data will be explored.

Furthermore, Plasterk committed to:

  • have the ministries publish another 325 datasets that are readily available for publication;
  • have the ministries create overviews of the available datasets and their progress toward publication;
  • monitor the availability of datasets on the Dutch open data portal; and
  • set up a helpdesk/support team to help public agencies with the publication of their datasets.

Action Plan Open Government

The Dutch open data policies are driven by legislation on public information and the reuse of public sector information (the Dutch implementation of the European PSI Directive). These policies and the criticism recently expressed in the progress report on the previous Dutch OGP Action Plan will be incorporated in a National Open Data Agenda (NODA) and the new Action Plan Open Government 2016-2017, both of which will be ready later this year.