• technologie-transfer, wetenschapscommunicatie, kennisoverdracht
  • artikelen, white papers, rapporten, handleidingen, FAQ's, e-learning
  • marktonderzoek, analyse, rapportage
  • scripting, scraping, visualisatie
  • ICT vakjournalistieke producties, media training
  • engagement met de tech-gemeenschap
  • programma-management evenementen

Aad Offerman is van origine een Delftse ingenieur in de Technische Informatica, en inmiddels al bijna dertig jaar werkzaam in technologie-transfer, wetenschapscommunicatie, kennisoverdracht en de ICT vakjournalistiek.
Zijn klanten zijn zowel ondernemingen uit de Fortune Global 500 als gespecialiseerde/niche bedrijven, uitgeverijen, overheidsorganisaties, wetenschappelijke onderzoeksinstituten en technologie-bedrijven.
De meeste van zijn werkzaamheden betreffen open-source software en hardware, computer- en netwerkbeveiliging, toegepaste cryptografie, internet-technologie en disruptieve innovatie.

Next to his work as a journalist, Adrian has contributed to a wide range of technology transfer and communication projects, both through his publishers and independently. His customers are Fortune Global 500 companies as well as specialized/niche/spin-off firms, publishing houses, governmental agencies, scientific research institutes, technology companies, and organizations responsible for the internet infrastructure.

Deliverables include background and hands-on articles, white papers, FAQs, case descriptions, opinion pieces, news items, and press releases. These materials are published on various platforms, including paper, online portals, e-learning programs and social media, often under his own name, sometimes under the names of his clients (e.g. when ghostwriting for scientific opinion makers). To produce these materials, Adrian conducts interviews with business owners, technical specialists and scientists, and conducts extensive research and analysis, to delve into specific technologies, (business) models and markets, and to familiarize himself with necessary concepts, terminology and software. In some cases he is involved on a strategic level as well.

Topics covered include internet infrastructures and systems, web technologies, networking, computer and network security, privacy, (applied) cryptography, Linux, and open-source software.

Although Adrian has been doing this type of work ever since he completed his Computer Science degree at Delft University in 1995, over the past decade technology communication, and knowledge and technology transfer have become the largest part of his activities. Most of his work involves open-source software and hardware, security, applied cryptography, internet technology and innovation, for customers in science, business/technology and government.

Science Communication

In addition to his work in technology communication and transfer, Adrian is also involved in science communication, working with research institutes on knowledge transfer, corporate communication and communication skills. He writes white papers, position papers, opinion pieces and web content, on scientific subject matter as well as institutional topics. He has developed and managed the communication around the spin-off of a new research institute. And he gives media and interview training sessions to scientists as well as management.