Adrian Offerman is a computer engineer by origin, who has been working in technology transfer, science communication, knowledge transfer, and ICT specialist journalism for almost thirty years now.
His customers are Fortune Global 500 as well as specialized/niche companies, publishing houses, governmental agencies, scientific research institutes, and technology companies.
Most of these activities involve open-source software and hardware, computer and network security, applied cryptography, internet technology and disruptive innovation.

Adrian Offerman

Adrian Offerman

Adrian has a M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Delft University of Technology, where he specialized in Computer Architecture and Digital Technique, and was trained as a processor designer. Furthermore, in 2010 he completed a M.Sc. degree in Psychology at Leiden University, where he specialized in cognitive psychology and clinical psychology.

Next to his technical writing, Adrian has been working as a consultant and engineer, advising on technology, business, markets and innovation. Furthermore, he has worked as a Linux system manager, network manager, webmaster, software developer and architect, and technology advisor. He also had a web hosting company for almost ten years, specializing in more complex, non-commodity services.


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