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  • technology transfer, science communication, knowledge transfer
  • articles, white papers, reports, manuals, FAQs, e-learning
  • market research, analysis, reporting
  • scripting, scraping, visualization
  • ICT specialist journalism productions, media training
  • tech community engagement
  • event programme management

Adrian Offerman is a computer engineer by origin, and has been working in technology transfer, science communication, knowledge transfer, and ICT specialist journalism for almost thirty years now.
His customers are Fortune Global 500 companies as well as specialized/niche firms, publishing houses, governmental agencies, scientific research institutes, and technology companies.
Most of his work involves open-source software and hardware, computer and network security, applied cryptography, internet technology and disruptive innovation.

Adrian was the programme manager for the future/science/tech track of Emerce eDay from June 2012 till October 2017. This annual conference offers a view on the future of e-business, media and marketing, focusing on strategies, new concepts and technologies in presentations delivered by national and international speakers. Over the last decade, eDay has established itself as the leading e-business event in the Netherlands.

As a programme manager, Adrian was responsible for the scientific and technology part of the programme, and researching and inviting speakers to this event.

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