• technology transfer, science communication, knowledge transfer
  • articles, white papers, reports, manuals, FAQs, e-learning
  • market research, analysis, reporting
  • scripting, scraping, visualization
  • ICT specialist journalism productions, media training
  • tech community engagement
  • event programme management

Adrian Offerman is a computer engineer by origin, and has been working in technology transfer, science communication, knowledge transfer, and ICT specialist journalism for almost thirty years now.
His customers are Fortune Global 500 companies as well as specialized/niche firms, publishing houses, governmental agencies, scientific research institutes, and technology companies.
Most of his work involves open-source software and hardware, computer and network security, applied cryptography, internet technology and disruptive innovation.

While pursuing his engineering degree at Delft University of Technology, Adrian started writing as a journalist for various Dutch ICT publications, aimed at both consumers and professionals. He has been working as an ICT specialist journalist, technology feature writer, columnist, editor-in-chief and magazine maker for almost thirty years now, focusing on the intersection of technology, business, markets and innovation.

The vast majority of his productions are elaborate background articles, requiring extensive research and analysis on technologies, (business) models and market positioning. His engineering background allows him to delve into technical standards, evaluate software and systems hands on, and talk in depth to technical and scientific specialists.

Until a few years ago, Adrian was a contributing editor for Automatisering Gids and Tweakers.net, the largest ICT publications in the Netherlands for professionals and consumers, respectively. He was also a contributing editor for CIO, Executive-People.nl, IT-Executive, Computable, Digitaal Bestuur (Binnenlands Bestuur), Management Team, CRN, Supply Chain Magazine, Software Release Magazine, C-sharp, InfoWorld, NetworkWorld, TechWorld.nl, LAN Magazine, InfoSecurity, IT Service Magazine, IT Beheer Magazine, Computer! Totaal, Netwerk Computing, Webwereld.nl, Living Media, Energiebeurs Bulletin, Energiegids, Energy Magazine, and Noodzaak, among others.

Furthermore, Adrian was the editor-in-chief of Chief Information Officer, Linux Magazine, Mnet, Windows & Netwerken, and Computer-Telefonie. As the editor-in-chief he successfully launched CIO in the Dutch market, after previous attempts of international publishing house IDG had failed.

Over the last years, Adrian has also been involved in meta-journalism (journalism on journalism), working on business models for online and cross-media publishing, on issues like quality and ethics in journalism, and on pluriformity of the media. Another recent focus area is data journalism, deploying the statistics/visualization language R and other computer tools to analyze and visualize (open) data (i.e. data accessible through the internet).