The UK government is currently running a public consultation on the mandate to NHS England for the period 2016-2020. NHS England is responsible for arranging the provision of health services in England. The consultation will be closed on November 23, after which the input and feedback will be worked into the final mandate that will be presented to parliament.

The consultation document published on the UK government website presents the current challenges for NHS England, followed by the government's priorities, aims and objectives in this regard. The authors have included five (open) consultation questions in the document, and are asking the public to get involved and submit their views, either through an online form or by e-mail.

2020 objectives

Every year, the Secretary of State must publish a mandate to ensure that NHS England's objectives remain up to date. The mandate sets the objectives of NHS England as well as its budget. The latter will be determined after the Spending Review is concluded on 25 November.

This year, every government department is producing a plan setting out its objectives to 2020 and how achieve them. The mandate to NHS England is part of the Department of Health's plan and will take effect from April 2016.