The World Bank Group (WBG) has recognised transparency, citizen participation and collaboration as strategic priorities in its work on governance. The Bank now wants to bring its own experience to client governments, aiming for them to become more open and more citizen-centric.

To accomplish this, the Bank wants to translate the work of its Governance Global Practice (GGP) into tangible improvements in service delivery, citizen engagement and development outcomes. More specifically, the Bank last June sponsored a series of strategic events to explore the future of the open government agenda. It now wants to make open government an integral part of the Bank's operations.

Global Solutions Group

The Bank has formed an Open Government Global Solutions Group (GSG) to pool ideas, expertise and knowledge that should help its clients function in a more open environment. The Group promotes open government in three ways:

  1. providing ecosystems for collaboration and delivering integrated solutions;
  2. embedding open government in World Bank operations across regions and sectors;
  3. measuring and demonstrating the tangible value of openness for development.

In this way the Bank aims to establish open government as a core priority and a key approach to improving development outcomes.