Amtega, Galicia's agency for technological modernisation, has published the classroom management system XEA as open source. The software and its documentation can be downloaded for free from the repository of the Galician government (Xunta de Galicia).

The XEA software is used by the CeMIT network, the regional Centre for Technological Innovation and Inclusion. The network is responsible for a total of 98 classrooms, spread all over Galicia. The organisation aims to reduce the digital divide, promoting and offering free public education in new technologies to citizens and companies. The CEMIT network has over 40,000 registered users and has given more than 144,000 hours of training since 2011.

Courses, activities and certificates

The XEA software provides unified and coordinated management of activities and users classrooms, adapting to the needs of suppliers and users. It allows users to search through all training activities that are offered in various centers of the network and to enroll, and it provides management of courses and certificates. Facility managers responsible for centers and classrooms can organise their daily activities.

The original software was developed by Fundetec for the CyLDigital program of the community of Junta de Castilla y León. This ISIS application was then adapted by Fundetec to meet the requirements of the CeMIT network.

This collaboration between Amtega and Fundetec is part of the Galician OSS action plan, making public administration's software available under an open source license.