Amtega, Galicia's agency for technological modernisation, has published its training materials for Linux and LibreOffice under an open license. They can be used by training centres, organisations and individuals to prepare for the office productivity CODIX certification provided by the CeMIT network.

The move is part of the previously announced initiative to migrate at least one thousand government workstations to exclusively use LibreOffice before the end of the year. Galicia's 2014 Free Software Action Plan (in Galician) provides for the training of civil servants in various OSS packages and the deployment of free software solutions in public administrations.

The Galician documents are available for download in different formats (PDF, EPUB, eXeLearning and SCORM) and can be (re-)used freely under a Creative Commons license. Although the PDF files can be used off-line, the courses are designed for e-learning and contain embedded multimedia content and interaction, so you get the best advantage from on-line self-training.

Open source awards

Last month, Amtega presented the winners of its yearly PortalProgrammes open source awards. They were selected from 100 nominees in 10 categories:

  • mobile: Orbot (a proxy for the anonymising Tor network),
  • blogging: DesdeLinux (in Galician),
  • popular: Ubuntu (a Linux distribution),
  • revolutionary: GNU Health (a Health and Hospital Information System),
  • growth potential: Stacksync (encrypted cloud storage),
  • supporting web software: jQuery (JavaScript library to create interactive websites),
  • supporting technology: Stacksync,
  • supporting communications: VLC media player,
  • supporting communication networks: Nagios (network monitoring),
  • supporting companies: Stacksync.